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4 Reasons to Start with Jump Rope Footwork| Jump Rope Beginner

Feeling bored just doing basic jump rope when you workout? Why don’t we start with some amazing tricks and make you look cool and awesome? This article is telling you 4 reasons why you should start to learn jump rope footwork.

An Effective Way to Experience more Jump Rope Tricks

Footwork is basically a combination (combo) of various footwork jumping postition. Those footwork jumping position – technique can be single foot jump, jumping jacks, forward split and toes jump. So mixing up these jumping positions, you can create a gorgeous footwork combo!

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Breakdown of a Footwork skill

Take the Can-Can steps as an example. Can-Can jump is combined of four techniques – knee up, knee down, jump with an extended leg, and leg down. When you work on Can-can steps, you are working on 4 jumping transition that can supercharge your footwork coordinations. If you are total beginner to jump rope, make sure you got your basic jump nicely done. And put down your rope to first work on the jump transition before using a rope to do everything.

Can-can Jump Breakdown: Knee Up, Knee Down, Jump with Leg Extension and Leg Down

Get used to the Body Control 

Second, learning footwork is about your body control. When you start to do the footwork, you will need to control your leg to move to a different position, like jumping side to side, splitting horizontally. The movement requires intense body coordination and even your multi-tasking ability (as you need to think and execute all the movement at the same time). You will need to divide your body into two parts, the lower body to perform the skill and the upper body to control the rope without influencing the rope movement. Therefore, don’t look down on the simple skill you do, the theory behind it is more than you think.  

Besides, the skill and technique mentioned also involve the balancing ability. The balance on jump rope is slightly different from what we normally do. When you jump and land with a single-leg stand, you will need to absorb the impact created on landing. Your muscles will need to put extra effort to keep you in balancing. This is more difficult than performing a normal single-leg stand. By practicing the footwork skill your muscle can develop the power you need in the future. 

Single Leg Landing Demonstration

To train the multitasking ability in rope manipulation

As the previous part mentioned, jump rope is a sport that requires you to multitask the upper and lower body at the same time. Developing the multitasking ability in the early stage is beneficial for the later future learning. Because in the footwork stage, the upper body only required to maintain the forward rotation of the rope. But in the future, the advanced skill required you to place your arm in different position when jumping. Therefore, it is important for you to develop the ability to progress to the next stage.

Here is one more jump rope training for you to further train your ability. Try to maintain the rope in double bounce, and perform the footwork in single bounce. This a higher level of multitasking in performing the footwork, which can enhance your controlling skill. Try to master this training too.

Double Bounce Jump with Single Bounce Footwork

Create your own combination

Again, footwork is combined with different foot techniques. You can do anything you like with the rope, and they can also identify as a footwork skill, even if they are not named. When you can handle the basic technique, you can use your imagination to create more and more special footwork. Learning and combining the footwork skill to a new pattern can develop your creativity in jump rope in the early stage. Try to create your own footwork skill and combination. And put them in your training checklist. Maximize your imagination and don’t be limited by the existing skills. 

Freestyle Footwork Demostration

In our level 1 technical certification, the skill combo section will encourage you to create your own jumping pattern from the existing skill. Jump rope is a special sport that everyone can jump with their own flow. Choose your own comfortable skill to take part in our examination section. Go check out our level 1 jump rope technical certification, to see which skill you would like to choose. Level 1 technical certification is a jump rope program suitable for everyone, no matter if you are a beginner, a jumper, a crossfit player, or just to stay healthy. You will see the content you want in our certification program.

No hesitation, let’s go!

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