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Best Jump Rope Side Swing Tutorial! No more tangling and whipping!

Side Swing is a very important basic technique in learning jump rope tricks including multiples, wraps, release, advances crosses, basically everything. Good Side Swing technique saves your time to learn new jump rope tricks in the future. 

I believe there is a lot jump rope side swing tutorial in on YouTube, but this tutorial is going to introduce you a NEW CONCEPT to understand side swing. This new perspective allows you to understand arm is place on top when you execute “Side, Open”, “Side, Side, Open, “ Side Cross”, “Side EB”. 

In Side Swing vs Out Side Swing

When first get to side swing, we usually just know we need to swing the rope on left side or right side without noticing the arrangement or your arms. To communicate more effectively in this article or future tutorials, we will denote the two type of side swing as in side swing and out side swing. We use the moving arm as reference, i.e when you do a left side swing, you are moving your right arm. Outside swing means swing the rope outside the opposite arm (on top of it), inside swing means swing the rope between your Body and your opposite arm (Under it).


Golden Rules for In Side or Out Side 

In Side ➡️ Cross 

In Side ➡️ Out Side Swing (alternative side)

Out Side ➡️ Open 

Out Side ➡️ EB

Out Side ➡️ In Side Swing (Same side)


Here is a 4 8-count routine to let you get yourself familiar with the inside and outside combination. 



Swing Side is not just a transition to look cool, but also a foundation to all advanced jump rope tricks. This tutorial Is not saying those who can execute in side swing to Open, or out side swing to cross is wrong. To coach better and avoid future technique debts, I will make sure my clients are able to perform these arrangements perfectly and helping them to increase the efficiency of turning side swing.

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