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ARMWORK JUMP ROPE SKILL TEST – How to improve your jump rope side swing and criss-cross?

How good is your control in different combinations of Side Swing, Open, and Cross?🤔

Did you ever feel the rope is tangled while you are switching from Side Swing to Cross and Open? How many Side Swing Cross and Open Conbinations are there? And do you know which side of those combination you are more comfortable is? Before you read this article, make sure you can do all beside side swipe, side swing open and side cross before attempting the skill test. If you have not got your side swipe, please check out the previous blog on Learning Side Swipe 👍🏻

How important is to get all armwork combinations smooth in Jump Rope Training?

In your future jump rope journey, most of the tricks you will be learning rely so much on how well you can do your armwork (Side Swing, Cross). For instance, you can see the following multiple combo in the video, all those triple under skills involve all the transitions from one another. So probably it is the time to get these techniques trained before getting stucked in learning new skills.

Let’s do the test (reaction game)💯💯

In the soundtrack, there will be callouts of the armwork combinations – 4 callouts each time. And for each call out you have 5 second to complete the skill. There will be 11 combinations in this video! Let’s see how many you can complete! 

⚠️Armwork Callout – Side for Side Swing , O for Open, Cross for Cross 

⚠️Example – Side Side O O – Side Swing, Side Swing, Basic Jump, Basic Jump  For side swing, it’s okay to do the side you comfortable with! It’s is quite hard for the first time, try not to memorize the sequence and just do it with your instant reaction! 😎

Armwork Skill Test Answer!

  1. OCCO, Open Cross, Cross, Open
  2. SCSC, Side Cross Side Cross
  3. SSOO, Side Side Open Open 
  4. SOSO, Side Open Side Open
  5. SCSO,Side Cross Side Open
  6. SCOO,Side Cross Open Open
  7. SSCO, Side Side Cross Open
  8. SSCC, Side Side Cross Cross
  9. SCCO, Side Cross Cross Open
  10. OCSS, Open Cross, Side Side
  11. CSSO, Cross, Side, Side, Open

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If you guys like this, I’ll defo make more variation and even harder ones with  Left and Right command! 

This training is included in our L1 Jump Rope Technical Examination, which includes the training for SC, SO technique, and the side accuracy of side swing combinations.

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