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How to learn Jump Rope Side Swing for Jump Rope Beginners? | Comprehensive Jump Rope Tutorial

I am going to write about the most comprehensive way to learn or teach jump rope side swing if the learner is a total beginner. If the learner has no concept of how the rope works, it is hard for them to control the rope swing side to side. As there are too many ways to swing the rope without jumping (your client is always creative🤦🏻‍♂️), and just starting off teaching side swings right away usually get your client to whip themselves non stop. 😵 I have used this method to teach all of my clients and it works perfectly well on them and even those who do not need to know do basic jumps. 🤗These steps are the best to limit your client’s creativity to hit themselves and progress through each step.

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🚨Side Swipe Demonstration

👉🏻Side Swing Left, Swide Swing Right, Basic jump (L,R,O)

👉🏻OR Side Swing Right, Side Swing Left, Basic Jump (R,L,O)

In this tutorial, we will just focus on the Side Swipe  (S,S,O – L,R,O/ R,L,O). We will explore the other types of side swing in future tutorials. You are recommended to learn both sides of the side swipe as shown in the demonstration video.In this tutorial, we will just focus on the Side Swipe  (S,S,O – L,R,O/ R,L,O). We will explore the other types of side swing in future tutorials. You are recommended to learn both sides of the side swipe as shown in the demonstration video and use a LB/HB beaded rope to learn.

Step 1️⃣: Using Arm Wrap to understand how the rope works

To avoid confusion, it is easier to start with the rope place in the front. We will first start with the right side arm wrap and side swipe first. After, you can repeat steps 1-6 again for the right-hand side. In this step, make sure all the arm rotation should be forward and mind which side is your arm placed. 

  1. Place your rope in front of you. 
  2. Bring your arms to the right-hand side and Point both your hand to the right-hand side
  3. Rotate your arm forward, the rope will wrap on your arm 
  4. Stop rotating until the rope is fully wrapped on your arm
  5. Bring the wrapped arm to the left-hand side 
  6. Rotate your arm forward to unwrap the rope
  7. For the last unwrap rotation, bring the rope to the toe catch position. 

No jumping is required in this step. Please double-check if the rotation direction i.e forward is correct and the arm position is correct. Repeat practicing this step until you feel familiar with how the rope works and able to control the rope to wrap and unwrap.

Step 1: Using Arm Wrap to understand how the rope works

2️⃣Start at starting position

Now start with your starting position instead of the rope at the front. Right after the rope passes through your head, repeat Step 1. Make sure you start pointing your hands to the right hand side after the rope passes through you head if you probably you will got hit from behind 😜

3️⃣Jump After Unwrap

After getting familiar with all the arm works, we will need to add a jump after Step 2. It will be an easy one as you have practiced the toe catch step earlier. Just jump over at the timing that you did a toe catch.

4️⃣ Arm Wrap 4321 Drill

Now you might think there are too many rotations wrapped on your arm. And yes! Now we will reduce the rotations from 4 by 1 every time + 2 basic jump. It is 4,3,2,1.

Here is the counting. 

4: Right Right Right Right Left Left Left Left Jump Jump 

3: Right Right Right Left Left Left  Jump Jump 

2: Right Right Left Left  Jump Jump 

1: Right Left Jump Jump 

So here is the first side swipe that you are doing! Do not rush, just keep repeating this #ArmWrap4321Drill until you are getting better and better.

5️⃣ Looking Dump? Wrap on Wrist!

Now, you are getting much better in the movements required for a side swing. It is time for you to improve your technique and increase the turning efficiency of a side swing or arm wrap. At the point the rope is coming down at your face, point your handles to your wrist to let the rope wrap around your wrist area. If you think that it is hard for you to jump right to the wrist you can start by bringing your arm closer to your body and wrap it from your Armpit > Forearm > Wrist. This is a very important technique to make you get fluent and fast in all the side swing and arm wrap. Repeat doing the #ArmWrap4321Drill until you are effortless in side swing your rope!

6️⃣ Arm Wrap 2-1 Drill

And that’s it! Just skip the 4 and 3 rotations and you are doing perfect for the basic arm wrap and side swipe!
Here is the shoutout:
Right Side: Right, Right, Left, Left, Jump, Jump, Right, Left, Jump, Jump 

7️⃣ Repeats the same step on the other side

To prevent yourself from confusion on the left and right side, setting a benchmark of consecutive 10 ArmWrap 2-1 Drill is good enough for you to move on the step on the other side.

We will release a new article on how you can get better on controlling your side swing from left to right, and setting out variation on basic arm wrap and side swipe routine! Stay tuned and we are happy to hear from you all to know more about our jump rope articles!

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