What is JRFG Certification

JRFG Certification is Internationally recognised as offering technical qualification and coaching certification for Pro Jump Rope. We work closely with accrediting bodies, jump rope communities and sports coaching authorities around the world to create the highest standard of coach education possible and to provide the industry benchmark for parkour instruction.

Coaching is a powerful tool for helping people unlock their potential and achieve their goals, and we believe it is therefore also a powerful responsibility. We believe everyone should earn the right to coach, through study, practice and experience. Simply being capable at performing a discipline does not automatically mean one is capable of teaching that discipline to others. Coaching is a science, an art and a skill in its own right.

The JRFG standards and Training Model were created by a group of jump rope world champions and most experienced coaches of the disciplines and and are constantly being refined and updated with the latest coaching science while also maintaining the spirit, values and principles of the discipline. It represents a set of coaching standards with which practitioners can learn how to pass on the fundamental principles, methods and values of the art accurately, safely and competently.

JRFG Certification is recognised on the National Academy Of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). JRFG Certification is delivered worldwide to support and develop thousands of professional coaches.

What Is Pro Jump Rope

Competitive Jump Rope is a culmination of choreography, gymnastics, calisthenics and acrobatics. Athletes skip, flip and use their bodies, rope and music in unison to create a piece of performance art, or a feat of athleticism.

Jump Rope requires high levels of agility, speed, muscular strength, endurance and balance (Partavi, 2013). Jump Rope athletes include men, women in a variety of age and abilities competing or participating in individual and team events.

There are many different terms used to define the act of repeatedly jumping over a rope.

At JRFG we would like to posit some terms and our definitions of them in our courses. “Jump rope” will generally be the term to use when discussing competition. Rope Jumping and Rope Skipping are more of a general term that denotes the act of repeatedly jumping over a rope whether it is in a recreational manner or as a subsidiary form of training in other sports.

When we think of Rope Jumping it immediately brings us back to our younger years where we happily skipped with our friends during recess. However, with the ever-increasing significance of scientific research in Sports Medicine and Sports Science we have come to know the profound benefits of Rope Jumping which includes many areas of sport related fitness and health related fitness. Some of these far-reaching benefits include; improved cardio-vascular fitness, better coordination, speed and agility to name a few (Maniazhagu, 2019).

With this course we hope to help you discover the many great things about jump rope. By the end of this course you will realize that jump rope is not merely wildly swinging a rope and jumping over it; that there is an unimaginable number of variations to be explored.

Over the past several decades, we have seen a rise in prominence of rope work as a training method of strength and conditioning in other sports. For the longest time this was all jump rope is. However, we believe with the current level of skill in competition, our sport should definitely be considered a competitive sport and not just an exercise or a part of a workout.