What is JRFG?

【乜野係JRFG? What is JRFG?】

JRFG 其實係Jump Rope For Good嘅縮寫。Jump Rope For Good 嘅成立除左令到Jump Rope 可以 Do Good之外,旨在有系統地推廣、普及、專業化花式跳繩運動,不單止提高公衆人士嘅興趣及認識,創造共享價值嘅同時,亦都可以讓到運動得到更多資源去發展同埋幫助到更加多人㗎!

JRFG is the abbreviation for Jump Rope For Good. Not only do we aim at doing good through jump rope, but also aspire to systematically promote and publicize jump rope to the community by enhancing your interest and knowledge in this sport. We can create societal value and better utilize our resources to develop jump rope and support the needy in the long run.

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